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Welcome to Step In Time Talent Studio!

We love working with the budding performers of the dance world. For many of our students this may be their first experience in a classroom setting, or the first time being involved in an activity without the immediate assistance of a parent. Some dancers may come to class and be comfortable without a parent the entire time. Everyone is different! We are very patient and use to caring and educating students of this age.

We are used to dancers that seem upset about being away from parents. It is our job, so if your dancer is upset don’t feel bad! Do not get discouraged if your dancer seems uninterested, emotional or overly energetic; we always suggest giving it several weeks to see how they adjust. Some new dancers may be apprehensive about entering the room at first; but once they are in a routine of coming to class each week, and knowing what to expect; it will get easier!

Here are some suggestions to help adjust your dancer to their new class:

  • Make a BIG deal about their “cool” new dance shoes they get to wear.
  • Have them help buy the uniform they will wear to class each week.
  • Come to class 10 minutes early so that your child can get acquainted with the studio, teachers and new friends.
  • Explain they will get a sticker at the and if they do “Their very best”.
    We use a sticker chart merit system. The reward comes once the chart is filled.
  • Let them know they will learn some fun new dances, sing songs and play with the props.
  • Tell them they will get to wear a beautiful costume and that they will be able to dance for you and your family on the BIG stage like the big kids.

After Class

  • Ask them if they had FUN!
  • Talk about the teachers and what things they did that day. (If you ask your dancer to show you things they learned, they may not remember because home is a different environment than the studio).
  • Let them play the “teacher” and you can be the “student” and they will start to remember some of the exercises taught in class.

We hope you have found this letter helpful as you prepare your dancer for their new class. Please contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to a fun and exciting year.



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