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Many performance opportunities and outings are offered to our students and their families. Notices are sent out for the chance to participate in festivals, fetes, workshops, Easter show performances, NRL football entertainment, musical theatre outings and more.

Each year there is a performance opportunity for all students. It teaches children that dance is something to give, not take. Students are encouraged to participate in the end of year concert as it provides an opportunity to display new talents to family and friends as well as providing performance experience in a fun and friendly atmosphere. It is through this annual performance that students gain a great sense of achievement and confidence performing in front of a live audience.

We also believe that performing in a non competitive environment at community events is very important in the development of students. It is really the only way that a true love of the performing arts can be developed. This is when the main focus is not on the adjudicator and a trophy but on the entire audience, the performance and the enjoyment of being with friends.